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Scalp & Hair Rejuvenating Booster

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A proprietary, botanically derived blend featuring Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1, known as Procapil™️ + Wasabi, Tomato and Apple Extracts + Biotin + 3 Amino Acids. It reduces the signs of hair loss + boosts growth of thicker + stronger hair. It promotes anchoring of the hair follicle by strengthening its structure + metabolism. It increases blood circulation within the scalp and also increases production of amino acids essential for keratin production to boost regrowth and hair quality. As well, it increases cellular binding elements in the scalp which block the effects of DHT.

Why We Love It:

・Suitable for men starting to recede due to DHT, hormonal changes in women (including post partum + menopause), Covid, age stress + medication.

・Wasabi extract stimulates the dermal papilla cells to better develop hair follicles.

・Biotin and 3 Amino Acid residues stimulate collagen synthesis.

・Tomato + apple extract aids cells rejuvenation + reduces ageing of the scalp + hair.

・Sustainable, antioxidant-rich ingredients.

How To Use:

・Spray generously and evenly to a damp or dry scalp every day.

・Massage to activate circulation.

・For optimal results, use with the Iles Formula Shampoo + Conditioner.*

・Continue treatment daily for a minimum of 3 months.

・Once the desired result is achieved, use 2-3 times a week to maintain.