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Izumi Tonic Strengthening & Thickening Rice Water Conditioner

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A strengthening conditioner infused with Japanese rice water to nourish, repair, guard against future breakage, and visibly thicken fragile hair.

Inspired by yu-su-ru, the centuries-old Japanese beauty tradition of bathing hair in rice water, the Izumi Tonic range helps restore damaged strands, guards against future breakage, and reveals healthier hair. This conditioner provides your daily dose of nourishment and strength for smoother-, softer-, thicker-looking hair with a glowing shine. The precious rice water it contains is sourced from Hyogo, Japan in an eco-friendly manner.

Why We Love It:

  • Leaves hair 16X stronger and visibly increases hair diameter
  • Reduces split ends by up to 81 percent and protects against future damage
  • Leaves strands soft, smooth, and shiny