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Sheila Stotts Removal Brush

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The most wonderful brush for detangling hair.

The Original Remover of Tangles with DRAINAGE HOLE.

The original, classic, plastic brush with metal, needle-like pins makes detangling hair a breeze. Can also be used in the shower for detangling wet hair or to distribute conditioner while massaging the scalp.

The unique design contains eleven anti-static metal pin rows that won’t sink into the rubber cushion or catch on extension attachments regardless of type. It’s made with entirely synthetic materials, so working with the liquids necessary for extension removal won’t harm the brush.  Helps make the extension removal process a snap.  

  • DRAINAGE HOLE for use in the shower, shampoo bowl, & with wet products
  • Plastic handle 
  • Metal bristles detangle quickly
  • Never catches on extension attachments

The drainage hole dispels water and adds flexibility. 

What is the Birth Mark on the Untangle brush?

You may notice the top of your Untangle brush has a birth mark! As this brush is made of a plastic handle this is what we call a birth mark. All Untangle brushes have this mark due to where it is detached from the mold. We take the mark down as much as possible without sacrificing the integrity of the handle construction. With using such a durable material there is only so much we can do before the material itself is no longer viable and we are not willing to take that chance. Some marks are more pronounced than others due to making sure we are not affecting the integrity of the material and strength of the handle.